Why Gender-segregated School?

MUA believes that not only is it Islamically appropriate to have gender-segregated schools, but also that it allows our students to perform better academically. 

For students grades 5 to 12, we have separate campuses for boys and girls. 

To prepare students for life beyond MUA, students are taught and guided on how to interact with members of the opposite gender at the appropriate moment, as major school events and buses are not segregated.

Advantages of the gender-segregated learning environment we offer:

A Curriculum Tailored to Student Needs and Interests

Our single-gender learning environments accommodate the differences in how girls and boys learn. This is of key importance as we continually seek new methods and learning strategies to deliver education appropriately and effectively. For example, our Girls School teachers understand how to motivate girls, which is different than how you motivate boys. Girls do well with the conversation, they like to make eye contact; whereas boys sometimes don't have the same level of ability to sit and concentrate the way girls do. Therefore, our Boys School teachers include movement to energize boys and help them stay focused (e.g. digging for earthworms during science class).

A Relaxed Environment 

Our gender-segregated learning environments remove distraction, allowing students to focus better on their teachers and the subject matter. As we have seen in our classrooms, students are able to concentrate more on their educational processes rather than the social elements typically found in a co-ed classroom. Eliminating certain distractions that exist to learning, it becomes easier for students to retain the knowledge their teachers offer. 

Less Gender Stereotyping

Our gender-segregated classrooms promote freer thinking among students and prepare them to take on non-stereotypical roles. Boys and girls recognize the freedom to be more themselves, feeling freer to take on different roles, regardless of whatever the gender stereotype might be for a particular activity. For example, we have noticed in our Boys School, our male students are more willing to try things socially considered less masculine, such as arts and drama. In a co-ed environment, they may not be so open and willing. The environment we have created helps students implement their best attributes in ways that are equitable, healthy, and cooperative.

A Sense of Belonging 

We regularly emphasize the importance of fostering a sisterhood/brotherhood among the students in each school, and we see evidence of this on a daily basis. Students are surrounded by other girls/boys who understand where they are in their stage of development and what they are going through. Whether it's cheering on their friends in sports or school competition, the students are really here for each other. There is a deeper sense of belonging, community, and friendship. 

At MUA we hope to raise all children with a strong voice to be advocates for themselves, their families, and society. Our faculty and staff believe in the mission and recognize that nurturing and encouraging go a long way to helping students understand the value of learning. We want to help them be solid in who they are and find their voice at a young age. Our distinctive learning environment prepares them to do exactly that, as our male and female graduates are equally prepared to take on the world.