Testimonials - A few words from our students and their parents!

As a graduating student of Madinatul Uloom Academy, I could not thank the school enough for the opportunities it gave to me to learn and grow throughout my time here. The staff and teachers provided a perfect learning environment and were very helpful. They provided an environment that allowed me to practice Islam and guided me to learn more about Islam. The school also allowed me to cultivate and grow many skills that I will require in the real world such as communication skills, creativity, organization, and flexibility. Alongside these skills, I was given numerous opportunities to give back to the community and allow myself to become a helpful part of society. The school and hard work that the teachers put into me and my academics for the five years I stayed here helped shaped my future and I was able to proudly graduate. Alhamdulillah, thanks to the school, I am now looking forward to obtaining a Bachelor's in Computer Science at the University of Toronto. 

— Hibah Aamir, Grade 12 


Completing high school at Madinatul Uloom Academy was a wonderful experience. The student-to-teacher ratio allowed me to receive help whenever I needed it, whether it was in person or online during the last semester. I’m truly lucky to have graduated from a school that prioritized my education no matter the situation and has given me life-long friends which I can call my sisters.

— Laiba Waseem, Grade 12 


I have just graduated Gr.8! My Journey started in Madinatul Uloom Academy in Grade 3. Before that I was in public school. After coming here, MUA has given me a lot of confidence and creativity. There are monthly student of the month traits, competitions, and gallery's like Islamic Heritage that really boost me. Along with studies we get excellent interconnected Islamic knowledge. I'm really happy to be a part of MUA! I love how each year has something new to make it enjoyable and feel different. Thank you so much for this great childhood experience!!! Jazzakallah!!!!

— Mustafa Adnan, Grade 8 


My aunts and uncles came to this school and I have also attended. The teachers are very caring and want to ensure that you have the proper education to be able to go to university. I am very happy that my parents enrolled me in such in a amazing school.

— Nadirah Brewster, Grade 12 


I love Madinatul Uloom Academy. It is the best place for instilling Islamic values in your children. The teachers are more than just teachers; they are motivators and knowledge facilitators. The staff is so caring and see each student as an individual. I’ve been there since kindergarten and now I’m in grade twelve and I can honestly tell you that my parents made the best decision for my future. I will truly miss the staff and management when I graduate inshallah, but the Islamic values they taught me will forever be instilled in me. I recommend this school for any parent searching for a great future for their child.

— Hajar Jojo, Grade 12 


My daughter has been in Madinatul Uloom Academy for two years now. I have had a great experience. Along with the TDSB curriculum, MUA has developed extracurricular activities which helps develop children's character, behaviour and social skills. I wish the success of Madinatul Uloom Academy for many years to come. 

— Mohammad Zillur Rahman, Parent Grade 3


I have attended MUA for all my school years, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Now, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Master’s degree in Adult Education. Today I am in the workplace continuing to learn and extend my knowledge with the principles and values I have learnt at MUA. The discipline required to succeed and come this far was instilled in my years at this school. The academic education combined with Islamic values has helped me to grow into becoming a contributing member of society. The staff, teachers, and my peers have all helped me to become more confident in practicing my faith and taking pride in who I have become. The sisterhood I have experience at MUA is incomparable and I would not trade my years at this school for anything. Allhumdulillah. I definitely recommend MUA for all those seeking an educational experience that truly provides you the platform needed to step out of your comfort zone and achieve great success.

— Khadija Wajid, Alumni


I went to Madinatul Uloom Academy from elementary to high school. I would like to enlighten some of you that this school was a kick start to the balance that I have now for my Deen, Dunyah and Akhirah. I’m not saying it’s the school that guided me because only Allah guides whom he wills but being in an environment for so long makes a difference. I’ll tell you this, no one is perfect, so if you think this school will be perfect, then i assure you it won’t be, but if you want consistency, determination, care, love and respect then this school(the staff) will give it to you and your child. Every school strives to become better and make improvements and throughout the years trust me, I know, the changes are massive! If you expect your child to be a better Muslim and become exposed to the deen then this school is the place to go. However, remember one thing, the staff will try their best to teach your child manners, academics and religion but if you don’t see change in your child know that it wasn’t the school it was the mere fact that things need more time! So be patient and Allah will make a way out. Give this school a try for your kids and InshaAllah you may have a good experience as well.

Shaheeda Said, Alumni


Madinatul Uloom Academy has provided me with something no other school could have possibly done: an excellent education in a family environment. The teachers at MUA are dedicated to ensuring that each student reaches their full potential and takes advantage of the numerous opportunities provided to them. As a graduate from MUA, I have been equipped with the knowledge, skills, and friendships I need to venture into the world as a happy, hardworking individual working towards success.

— Sarah Popal, Alumni


I have attended MUA for my elementary and high school years. It was truly a blessed experience. MUA provided a safe and secure environment. My teachers were all amazing and very helpful. Would definitely recommend this school to anyone for a rich Islamic and Academic education experience.

Mohammed Hameeduddin, Alumni


I've recently graduated out of grade 12 through Madinatul Uloom Academy and it's safe to say I've had the best 6 years of my life. I attended MUA in grade 6 and wished I started earlier. The teachers throughout the years have been quite supportive and the secretary is the best!! One of my favorite teacher's is Br.Yamin. He teaches science-related subjects and is an amazing teacher. He uses various strategies to ensure that ALL of the students understand the material. I've had him for most of my high-school biology and chemistry courses, and to this day I still remember the fundamental skills he has taught.

Laiba Shafiq, Grade 12


It is with a great deal of joy and happiness to know that our daughter graduated from Madinatul Uloom Academy after 14 years of support and guidance, both academically and socially. She has the tools and ability to move forward with confidence, Alhamdullillah. Thanks to our decision to educate our daughter at MUA, she has been given an amazing growing experience. Thank you to all the enthusiastic and caring teaching and support staff at Madinatul Uloom Academy.

— Karima L., Parent Grade 12


I recently graduated from MUA after studying there for 7 years! The teachers are all so amazing, kind, and caring, and always did their best to make sure that students were comfortable. There were also so many school events to look forward to every year, which made going to school so exciting. My favorite thing about MUA is the small class sizes because teachers could focus on the students, and all the students were super close with one another! It also really helped boost my confidence and helped me become better at speaking in front of crowds.

— Radiah Rahman, Grade 12


Congratulations MUA for completing 2020 school year with great hard work. There are no words to explain how the school engaged kids in online school with great efforts. I really appreciate all teachers and management's hard efforts to complete the school during this unusual pandemic time period of 2020. May Allah bless MUA to continue this Islamic school in both areas, academically and religiously. With my 3 kids, I am part of this school from 2014. In 2018, my daughter went to JK and she was very shy and cried for the whole week in the morning. But after a few months, she becomes a very confident girl and this is only due to her teacher and blessings of Allah. I am really proud to be a part of MUA.

Shazia Adnan, Parent


Madinatul Uloom Academy offered me an excellent high school experience. The teachers incorporated Islam into every subject ensuring we always had a close connection to our religion. The environment is very friendly and promotes a sense of brotherhood among the students. The staff is always working to sustain a positive environment at school. Overall, great experience.

— Muhammad Hassan, Grade 11


Wow, looking back at my 6+ years at this school I only now realize how blessed I have been to be placed in this institute. The list of obstacles I had to face through middle school and high school is very extensive. However, Madinatul Uloom Academy's support for their students has helped me to overcome all those and push me to be the best I possibly could. Also, this isn't only in an academic form, but also a positive outlook on my personality. MUA has taught me the proper Islamic etiquette/rules and how to follow the Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W) Sunnah. For all they have done for me, and how they shaped me as a person, I have nothing but gratitude. Thank you so much for all you have done!

— Ishraq Chowdhury, Grade 12


I attended MUA for 3 years. My overall experience in the school was exceptional, from the welcoming environment to the incredibly supportive teachers and staff, MUA has been an amazing experience for me personally. The Islamic environment is very enlightening and has helped me learn more about Islam itself. 

— Hassan Khan, Grade 12


Great experience for my children at Madinatul Uloom Academy. Always willing to accommodate for students and families. Very supportive of the children, teachers work hard to ensure students’ academic success. Very content with our years of schooling from Madinatul Uloom Academy.  

— Shazia Owais, Parent, Boys High School