Primary Campus


Core subjects all are taught in accordance with the Canadian curriculum: 



Science & Technology, 

Social Studies



Islamic Studies

Personal Development

Health & Physical Education

Visual Art

Beyond academics, our students have the opportunity to develop positive learning habits that will benefit them well into their higher education and work life. We teach students how to tackle their academic responsibilities with creativity and innovation, while also fostering a strong sense of emotional and personal development in an Islamic environment. 

We love to see our students smiling and happy, enjoying their educational experience and coming to school every day. Our efforts are aligned with helping them develop essential life skills with high Islamic values. Together, we learn how to set goals, make positive choices and communicate effectively. 

The primary campus is truly a family; our school culture is warm and welcoming, as we give high importance to parent-teacher communication for student development.

Highly qualified and experienced staff

Fully equipped gym

Computer lab 


Hifz program 

Students learn to develop self-confidence and self-esteem by participating in monthly Extracurricular Activities: 

Toronto Science fair

Student of the month 

Muslim gallery

Awards assemblies 


Quran competition 

Speech competition 

Spelling Bee

Winter fun day

Outdoor sports day

 Reading Buddy Program

Morning Dua

Daily Salah prayer

Outdoor Play Space