Hifz Program (Quran Memorization)


To enable children on a path to memorize the Quran for the Sake of Allah (SWT), with proper recitation, tajweed, and understanding, so they may develop a strong connection with the Book of Allah, preserve it in their hearts and develop for it a love that will empower them to grow and progress through life as well-rounded leaders guided by the Quran and Sunnah.  


The program is available to students from Grades 3 and up. We highly value our Hifz program, as these students embark on a journey toward becoming “protectors” of the Quran and carrying it in their hearts InshaAllah. 

The criteria for acceptance is based on the student having a successful academic record for mainstream subjects and his/her proficiency in reading and reciting the Quran. An assessment is conducted by one of our Hifz teachers, who are specialist Hufaaz dedicated to the program with a purpose of progressing their students through an intensive and rigorous program of studies. Other specialist teachers are available to ensure that students are able to concurrently achieve the outcomes of the Canadian curriculum. 

Hifz is a very demanding subject which requires a lot of effort from the students and their parents. We ask Allah to make it easy for them InshaAllah.

If you have a child in the primary grades (JK to grade 2) and you are interested in preparing them for the Hifz program, please contact the office to book an appointment and speak with your school principal.