Girls Campus

Sisterhood at the MUA Girls Campus 

The most unique element of the Girls Campus is the unity amongst our female students. A strong sense of belonging, fostered through a deeper connection of sisterhood, is showcased as girl’s support each other academically, socially and morally, through engagement in ongoing extracurricular activities, events, projects and programs. Students are provided with opportunities year-round to collaborate and come together to interact, overcome hurdles, and build strength as a community. Open lines of communication allow students to remain close and empower their inner strength. 

Elementary Curriculum (Grades 5-8)

Core subjects: Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Health and Physical education. French, and Arts
Islamic Studies: As a faith-based institution, Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies courses are also provided and integrated into the curriculum. 

Secondary School Curriculum (Grades 9-12)

All compulsory and optional credit courses are taught in accordance to the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines.

A wide range of courses are offered in various disciplines, including Languages, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities.

MUA also has 6 locally developed and approved religious courses that cover Islamic studies while leading to earning credits. 

Science Laboratory: Students learn important scientific knowledge and skills by theoretical observation and practical experimentation in the science lab for subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This is to develop: 

Inquiry approach for research and successful classroom practice for concrete, hands-on experiences.

Investigative approach for scientific concepts using a variety of equipment, materials, and strategies.

Computer labs are accessible to students with updated technology and support for all computer programs. This lab is used for research-based studies of student product, with direction and assistance from teachers. 

Students are encouraged to use Information and communications technology (ICT) to support and communicate their learning in today’s increasingly digital world. 

ICT provides a range of tools that significantly extend and enrich teachers’ instructional strategies and support students’ learning in all subjects; for class instruction to develop inquiry-based skills and to design programs that meet diverse student needs.

Extracurricular Activities:


Curriculum Night

Speech competition

Spelling Bee

Muslim Gallery

Science Fair

Islamic Art

Qiraat competition.


Student of the month 

Quran recitation and memorizing 

Student Council: Students are elected by their peers to represent them in initiating, planning, and organizing events and programs, such as: 

Sisters’ Evening

Twin day

Team Spirit day

Pyjama day

Candy grams

Field trips

Winter day

Multicultural day and more!

At MUA we believe in the segregation of boys and girls classes from grades 5 and up. This has proven very successful in terms of increased student focus on learning, freedom of expression and a practical Islamic environment devoid of distraction at the teenage of students. 

The learning environment for segregated school for girls has the following advantages:

More focused learning experience 

More interactive educational experience

Unites students with a strong bond and deeper sense of belonging

Empowers students to express freely and participate openly 

Prepares students for higher education with full confidence

Helps students plan tarbiya programs and halaqas for counseling based on their needs

Emulates great sisterhood!