Welcome to Madinatul Uloom Academy 

Madinatul Uloom Academy (MUA) is a private, gender-segregated, independent Islamic school with 3 campuses providing quality academic and Islamic education to students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. 

We provide our students with an education that fits their needs and aligns with the Ontario Ministry of Education's curriculum. Our unique programs, class sizes, and support structures allow us to commit to individual excellence. Students receive one-on-one attention while exceeding high expectations within an enriched, caring, and secure environment. Delivering strong academic knowledge, we focus intently on Islamic practice – a crucial factor for your child to live in accordance with Islamic values and teachings. Our philosophy is that faith and future blossom together.

Celebrating 28 Years of Learning!

Madinatul Uloom Academy was the aspiration of Br. Mohammed Wajiduddin and Sr. Nasreen Wajid, co-founders of the school. Fueled with a passion for holistically educating not only their own children but also other Muslims growing up in the Canadian context, led them on a journey to establish MUA.



MUA embarked on its humble beginnings!

Br. Wajid and Sr. Nasreen acted on their dream to establish a formal full-time school that would fill a major void in the educational experiences of Muslim children in Toronto, Canada.


MUA became one of the largest Islamic schools in Ontario!

Continued parent support allowed our school to move from its first home, a commercial unit on McCowan and Nugget Ave., to a prestigious educational setting located in the heart of Scarborough.


Grand opening of MUA’s Boys Campus!

We were blessed to acquire another building for our male student population in grades 5 to 12.


Grand opening of MUA’s Primary Campus!

We were blessed to add a third building for our primary students from grades Junior Kindergarten to Grade 4.


MUA welcomes students back to in-person learning.

We are grateful to welcome students back into their classrooms and provide an enriching in-person learning experience.


MUA has been serving the community for 25 years now. Over the years, our philosophy of providing an accessible, academically competitive, and religiously embedded education for Muslims in Toronto has been maintained and will continue to be so by the blessings of Allah (SWT). 

From a dream for quality independent Islamic Schooling to the reality of Madinatul Uloom Academy, Mr. and Mrs. Wajid are delighted with how the school is being embraced and nurtured by the community.